Edgegap demonstrated how it reduces lag by 58% with Ubisoft

Montreal, Sept. 18th 2019 – Edgegap successfully executed a proof of concept with Ubisoft to demonstrate how Edgegap solution can lower latency by 58% in gaming. By using traffic from 600,000 transactions and comparing the results with Ubisoft current architecture, Edgegap demonstrated an average latency reduction from 116 milliseconds to a drastic 48 milliseconds. On top of that, 78% of the transactions had a latency below 50 milliseconds, compared to only 14% without Edgegap solution.

Edge Computing to reduce lag

Edge computing is a new type of infrastructure where smaller data centers are deployed in multiple locations, closer from users, instead of centralizing large data centers. This allow for lower latency by reducing the distance but bring a new set of challenges by dealing with multiple locations. Edgegap provides a solution to handle those infrastructures. Ubisoft shared data from 600,000 transactions for one of their AAA games, Far Cry 5. Using its patented technology, Edgegap utilized its platform in parallel to compare the results between Ubisoft current architecture and Edgegap, for the same group of players. Using edge computing, Edgegap dynamic orchestrator was able to geo-locate server instances based on telemetry and live measurements, bringing servers closer from each group of player. This resulted in better results by lowering latency, reducing jitter and packet drop. This dynamic approach would not have been possible without Edgegap dynamic orchestrator.

Eliminate the “long tail”

While it is impossible to eliminate lag, Edgegap can drastically reduce its effect. The goal is to improve players’ experience as much as possible by leveraging dynamic infrastructures. By using Edgegap unique solution, we are able to eliminate the “long tail”, those players who typically get an average latency above an acceptable threshold, considered to be around 80-100 milliseconds for casual gamers. Edgegap is able to increase the amount of people with a latency below 50ms, providing an equivalent experience to everyone in the game.

You can get the full report here:  http://www.edgegap.com/Report-Ubisoft.pdf

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About Edgegap

Edgegap is a software startup based in Montreal, Canada, which specialized in software development for edge and cloud computing.  To find out more about Edgegap and Arbitrium, visit http://www.edgegap.com

Proof of Concept with Ubisoft

We have been working with the well-known gaming studio Ubisoft, here in Montreal, on measuring by how much our solution can improve player’s experience. After a few months of work, the results are finally in, and they are beyond expectations!

We were able to reduce the average round trip time by 58%. We improved results 95% of the time during the test. We’ve increased the percentage of players within the group of “great latency” by a wide margin. This means that without Edgegap’s solution, only 14% of the player had below 50ms, while Edgegap would have allowed 78% of them to get under this threshold.

Huge thanks to the team at Ubisoft for helping us and providing the right feedback throughout the process!

The full report can be found here: