Experts at NFV Plugtest

Edgegap has been selected as Edge Computing expert by ETSI to prepare, build and support the MEC track during the 4th NFV Plugtest which will happen in Sophia Antipolis from June 3rd to June 7th 2019.
For more info on this NFV plugtest:
The event will feature an interoperability track on ETSI MEC standards, allowing testing of Edge Computing features as supported by ETSI ISG MEC specifications among which the NFV-MEC coexistence.

Arbitrium + Agones + Open-match

We worked on a demo for the GDC which we can now publish here. We’ve integrated our orchestrator along with open matchmaker and agones. Those 2 platforms are open-source projects. The first one is an open source matchmaker handling players. We modified it to have it request match instances to Arbitrium and it was relaying location info among other things to get an accurate location. The second proejct, Agones, is a CRD for kubernetes specificly made for gaming server. We deployed 5 instances of Agones in different region to execute this test. When a new set of player are pooled for a new match, arbitrium did its magic to measure and define which cluster would be the best for this given set of players. It then started team fortress 2 game and the player were able to connect and play.

Mobile World Congress was a success!

Its a wrap! MWC 2019 was a major success for Edgegap. With our product showcased at HPE booth in the main hall, we were able to demo to many CTO in the service providers vertical. Many people would come over the booth and ask for the “gaming demo” which is awesome!
We are coming back from this trip with multiple requests for proof of concept and trials. Next stop will be San Francisco in 2 weeks for the Gaming Developer Conference (GDC).
Thanks to HPE for hosting us and giving us such great visibility. Along with their service director platform, our software was the perfect end to end use case to generate revenu on Edge Computing and 5G infrastructures!

Gaming a popular topic at MWC 2019

This year’s MWC was driven by 5G and Edge Computing. As everyone struggle to find the killer app for Edge Computing, gaming seems to be a raising topic amont those looking for answers. Edgegap was feature in this analyst research post MWC.