Edgegap on a Nascar race car!

We were sponsoring an official Nascar PINTY racecar over the week-end. The driver, Jocelyn Fecteau #77, could be seen on live national TV. We’ve posted below his virtual racecar with our logo, good job Jocelyn!

I’m told lag and fairness is important in those races, will the market start listening? 馃檪

Case Study: Lower lag & improve fairness in 1vs1 game

We鈥檝e been busy working with a leading game studio to measure how much our solutions at Edgegap can improve the player experience by lowering latency and increasing fairness. In their 1 versus 1 game scenario, we’ve managed to prove a colossal improvement for their players:

路 Improved latency for 91% of the players

路 Average RTT per player reduced by 46.5%

路 Average RTT per match reduced by 36%

路 Fairness improved from 46.5 to 33ms

路 25% of players below 50ms with Edgegap, vs 2% with the cloud

路 69% of players below 100ms with Edgegap, vs 33% with the cloud

All these improvements will translate into more revenue for this studio as players will not suffer from bad experiences and remain engaged. This is especially important as games are becoming services and their LiveOps is a crucial part of the monetization aspect of games. We’ve also observed that our solutions improves the fairness between players, which helps them improve their competitive edge. This is seen as highly desirable in a time where esports tournaments are forced to go online due to Covid-19. The studio did not have to modify their netcode or use an SDK; the game client remained as is. The full case study is linked below:

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Improved the experience of more players than any other solutions.

esports and covid19

With many sports league cancellation for the foreseeable future, esports are poised to now take center stage and reach a more interested and diverse audience. With confinement orders and travel restrictions worldwide, online tournaments are the next best alternative, but how will organizers guarantee a low latency environment and fairness for all competitors in these high-stake matches where a few milliseconds of reaction time can be the difference between millions of dollars in prize pool?

You can find the article here:


Edgegap appoints new Chief Strategy Officer

Edgegap is pleased to announce today the appointment of Vincent Archambault as its Chief Strategy Officer. Vincent has more than 15 years of experience in the gaming industry and will be applying his knowledge of the gaming market to help studios with their infrastructure needs.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the team here at Edgegap. Having been on the other side of the fence for many years as a Game Producer, I can vouch for Edgegap’s product as being what the gaming market is currently sorely missing.”

Edgegap’s technology helps game studios reduce lag and improve player experience by harnessing the power of edge computing. With 10X more regions covered than the biggest cloud provider, the company’s patented technology automatically selects the fastest server in its infrastructure for a determined group of players. Integration is easy, and can help game studios open new markets all around the world by improving the player experience in locations where it was previously impractical.


Edgegap selected to prepare & support MEC plugtest at ETSI

Again in 2020, Edgegap has been selected to prepare and support the upcoming NFV & MEC Plugtests (Multi-Access Edge Computing) at ETSI in the upcoming few months. We are working with ETSI and the various vendors involved in the Plugtests to develop the test plan for MEC interoperability. As leader in edge computing industry, Edgegap provides their expertise to share the tests and provide support through interop events between vendors. We are proud to support such project and encourage NFV and Edge vendors to participate. To join the plugtest you can follow the url below and register:


Notes that the plugtest may happen remotely due to the covid-19 situation.

Why lag is so critical for eSports?

Our CEO was invited to take part in eSports BAR in Cannes this week and talk about why lower lag and guaranteed latency can be so important for tournaments where providing an equivalent chance of winning to everyone is key.

GFR Fund Joins Edgegap Seed Round

GFR Fund is an early-stage venture capital fund that invests in ground-breaking technology startups disrupting the digital entertainment sector, with a specific focus on #eSports. This year GFR Fund is working to expand its portfolio with companies that are innovating in the areas of live streaming, audio, artificial intelligence and edge computing.

“Edgegap is the perfect example of a company that is solving a real problem for gamers and in eSports – that of latency or “lag” – and GFR Fund is proud to be a part of its seed round. We are very interested in investing in companies that are using #edgecomputing to advance gaming experiences, and Edgegap has built an infrastructure that does this by allowing for new and effective ways of managing multiplayer environments and removing lag altogether,” said Teppei Tsutsui, CEO and Managing Partner of GFR Fund.

As an affiliate of GREE, Inc., a global leader in the mobile gaming industry, GFR Fund offers its portfolio global business opportunities in the Asian market combined with deep connections in Silicon Valley and decades of experience in digital media and entertainment. For more information, visit www.gfrfund.com.